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Republicans are waffling on LGBTQ+ issues. Will it matter?

The 19th This story was published in partnership with The 19th , a nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom reporting on gender, politics and policy. Nancy Hainline is a woman without a party. She grew up Republican, just like her dad, who owned

Home Gardening Promotes Mental Health during COVID-19

Home gardening is on the rise since COVID-19, says Rose Hayden-Smith, Emeritus advisor at the University of California. But activists from food justice organizations argue that home gardening has the potential to promote emotional

Gut health experts define ‘synbiotic’ supplements

A panel of scientists has published a document that clarifies the definition of synbiotic products, which contain “friendly” bacteria and a substrate on which the bacteria feed. It also makes recommendations for establishing

Experts Explain Why You’re So Annoyed With Everything Lately

SelfYour body’s capacity to adapt may be overextended.eclipse_images/E+/Getty ImagesMaggie*, 32, lived happily with her partner for over seven years, after getting married in 2013. Things have changed since those halcyon,

How to spot a scam aimed at older adults

Hide caption Senior on their smart phone. (Dreamstime/TNS) Handout DALLAS — One day Jimmy Love of Wichita Falls, Texas, received a phone call that his grandson was in trouble. He didn’t think twice about sending $9,000 to help

‘Discrimination is Wrong, No Matter Where It Exists’: Conflict Between LGBTQ Catholics and Church…

It’s not news that the Catholic Church has a long history of discrimination against LGBTQ adherents of the faith. What Between The Lines took notice of in particular, however, was a trio of recent events in Michigan. Back in March,

GayBlade: The Lost LGBTQ Roleplaying Game, Explained

Netflix docuseries High Score examines early video game history, including the rising popularity of text-based computer RPGs -- and their evolution -- in the 1980s. Episode 3, "Role Players," explains how the first LGBTQ computer RPG,

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