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This site was borne out of my experience when entering the dating realm after my divorce. In 2008 Online dating was shaping our society in ways I don’t believe anyone imagined. For me, social media and the internet had changed the game entirely.

An unintended consequence was that we had now become less social. Being an introvert as a kid, I was very familiar with the solitude, at the behest of my inability to engage in dialogue with someone I was attracted to. This is a huge obstacle to overcome if you ever want to find love.

That being said, with the advent of the information age, I was able to educate myself on some of the tips and advice found online. In doing so, I realized that no one really took the time to educate themselves on the intricacies and nuances, our idiosyncrasies manifest.

With a dizzying array of choices, clickbait, or sex-related sites. It can be quite confusing with information overload. This is when I realized, that a central place one could visit, that provided the resources singles need in order to assess their current situation.

Moreover, this self-awareness methodology would afford those that were interested in a chance to correct behavior.
Which conversely, keeps us from finding our forever love. During my research when I was developing the site the thing I learned, was that everyone was looking for love in all the wrong places.

As it turns out, statistically the relationships that tested time all have one thing in common. There wasn’t anyone I discovered that didn’t agree they weren’t looking for love, love found them when they least expected it. It had also become clear, that self-reflection afforded the majority happiness that was an exponential equation for love.

I can remember a time when you asked someone if they were single, the response would be, yes I am single and dating. For some this sounds counterintuitive, it’s either you are single or you are dating. Quite the contrary, dating doesn’t mean you are in a relationship it means that are you seeing someone, whether that turns into love and a relationship only time will tell.

I am an ardent supporter of dating celibacy because I believe you have to discover who you are, find what makes you happy before you dare to introduce anyone into your life. If you cannot find happiness on you own, you sure as hell aren’t going to find someone who can make you happy.

Therefore, if you can spend time researching your next purchase, whether it’s a microwave, shoes, cars, then you should do the same when it comes to dating. My goal is to provide the resources that will ultimately afford you the opportunity for love to find you. This way, you can stop Wooking Pa Nub.

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