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9 Significant Ways Travel Has Changed Forever

While tourism is undoubtedly nowhere near the heights it saw this time last year, the past few months have shown how eager we are to pack the suitcase and hit the road. Many people are starting close and comfortably with staycations and

Adapting Adventure Travel For A Changing World

An ongoing pandemic and geotag-fueled over tourism are sparking innovation from today's immersive travel guides. Tristan Hamm films a rock climbing ascent on a trip for his adventure company, Revived Outdoors. Tristan Hamm sat on the coast

What travel will look like in 2021

Each year, the world sees different travel trends that come and go as technology, and other factors vary. However, 2020 has been a unique year, in which travel has changed, and new travel habits have been formed, which will remain in the

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