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10 Celebrity Feuds Fans Became Obsessed With


When it comes to well-known celebrities, there’s nothing quite like knowing the ins and outs of their circle. Who do they keep around and who do they disagree with? It’s not until something goes wrong in the public eye that fans find out just how much one celeb dislikes another. What ensues is fans picking sides and creating trending hashtags on social media.

Thanks to platforms like Twitter and Instagram, fans find out just how nasty things can get when celebs come clean in the comments section. It doesn’t matter if it’s a reality TV star who hates another or a rapper writing a diss-track on a fellow rapper, a feud is a feud. Scroll below to see 10 feuds the world became obsessed with. Hedi Montag Vs. Lauren Conrad

The Hills stars Lauren Conrad (LC) and Hedi Montag’s drama runs so deep that LC’s infamous words, “You know what you did!” has its own Wikipedia page!

The two women used to best friends and roommates but once Heidi started dating Spencer Pratt, their friendship fell apart. When rumors about a sex tape involving LC and her ex-boyfriend began swirling around, it became quite clear who started them: Heidi and […]

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