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7 Celebrity-Backed Alcohol Companies That Are Actually Worth Trying


Celebrities have gone to great lengths to stay relevant during the pandemic. Some have started TikToks, others have created YouTube shows, and the most business-savvy have hopped on the increase in alcohol sales, setting their sights on the booze industry as a way to make extra cash. Whether the pandemic has catapulted them into the world of alcohol or simply given them time to focus on their existing brands, celebrity-backed alcohol companies have taken the world by storm this year. With owners ranging from Post Malone to P. Diddy to Cameron Diaz, and alcohol ranging from skull-shaped vodka bottles to alcoholic soda to chuggable rosé, these celebs are not messing around. And the demand is so high, there’s even an app (dubbed GrapeStars ) for delivering your fave entertainer’s brand of alcohol directly to your door. Ahead, some of the greatest, strangest, and most downright delicious alcoholic drinks from every corner of the celeb world. As always, please consume responsibly! Maison No. 9

The alcohol brand that catapulted me into the world of celeb alcohol, Post Malone’s rosé is beautifully drinkable. It’s as fruity as any rosé should be, not overly sweet, and conveniently sealed with a glass cork […]

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