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Celebrity splits are none of our business, but we still care


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(CNN)Full disclosure: While I don’t know Cardi B and Offset personally, I felt blindsided by the news she recently filed for divorce.

When I interviewed the hottest rapper in the game in mid-August, Cardi B talked about expanding their family.

“As soon as I finish my work, I’ve got some things planned,” she said last month. “Probably in, like, a year or two.”

Some have speculated that Cardi B and Offset may get back together (they have an on-again, off-again history). Cardi herself has said that’s unlikely .

Whatever the future holds for these two successful artists, we lay people have a talent for projecting ourselves and our own relationships onto celebrity couples.If Cardi and Offset — with their adorable daughter and the means to travel privately or order unlimited Postmates meals or sleep in one of several spare bedrooms — can’t make it through a pandemic together, how can the rest of us?Here’s why it matters to some folks more than it probably […]

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