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How to holiday like a celebrity


We may not be able to live every day like a celebrity, but there are certain occasions – like holidays – that let us live the high-life for a short while. Because we all deserve a little bit of pampering from time-to-time, right? If you’re thinking of going on a cruise like a celeb, follow these steps and you’ll soon be giving the red-carpet regulars a run for their money… 1. The luxury starts when you travel

If there’s one thing we know about celebrities, it’s that they always travel in style. Therefore, we’ve decided that to truly holiday like an A-lister, you’ll need to travel like one, too. Whether that be a cab to the airport, a long-haul flight in first class, or a luxurious overseas trip on an MSC Cruises ship, treating yourself to an indulgent travel experience will make your trip extra special. 2. Explore somewhere exclusive

Nothing quite screams the high life like having a private villa all to yourself. Why not go one better and head to a private ISLAND? Exclusive tropical paradises aren’t just reserved for multi-billionaires either – take the private island of Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve for proof. Situated […]

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