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Kristen Bell On Her Celebrity Crush: ‘I’m Trying Not to Be Too Thirsty”


Some know them as an iconic friend duo on-screen, but Kristen Bell and Josh Gad are friends in real life, too.

For one Buzzfeed video, the celebrities took a friendship test, with Kristen Bell even sharing who her celebrity crush is. (Spoiler alert: it’s not her husband.)

Here’s what we know about the stars of Disney’s Frozen 2

For Disney’s Frozen and Frozen 2 , Josh Gad voices the lovable snowman named Olaf. Kristen Bell voice-acts in the same movie as the princess of Aradelle, Anna.

Outside of their work with these films, though, the duo are still fairly close friends. They even finish each other’s sandwiches!

In fact, the two put their friendship to the test, with one socially distanced video for Buzzfeed , titled “Kristen Bell And Josh Gad Take The BFF Test.”

The two answered questions about one another, including who their celebrity crushes are. Kristen Bell shared who her celebrity crush is Lin-Manuel Miranda

During the Buzzfeed video, Kirsten Bell and Josh Gad opened up about their celebrity crushes. For Josh […]

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