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Mary J. Blige Opens up About the Difficulties of Dating After Divorce


Blige once credited Isaacs with being a knight and shining armor. They married in 2003, with Isaacs taking control over Blige’s career as her manager. Under his management, she won her first Grammy Award. But according to Blige, their marriage began breaking down amid suspicion of Isaac’s infidelity.

Blige’s divorce filing came in July 2016, with her alleging Isaac’s was cheating with her protégée and spending their marital earnings on tending to his younger mistress.

The divorce was nasty. Blige claims she was the sole breadwinner throughout their marriage. Isaacs request for $130,000 a month in spousal support only added to Blige’s belief that he was using her for a better life.

Blige was eventually ordered to cough up $30,000 monthly in temporary support. […]

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