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Rachael Leigh Cook Is Ready To Keep Falling In Love — But This Time, She’s Calling The Shots


Photo: Greg Doherty/WireImage.

Nearly two decades after starring in She’s All That , one of Hollywood’s most memorable romantic comedies , Rachael Leigh Cook decided to pitch one of her own. “I had been producing with Hallmark, and it was really empowering,” she told Refinery29 over Zoom in anticipation of her upcoming Netflix rom-com. “I thought, What would I do if I could do anything? What am I interested in?

The answer, strangely enough, was Coors beer. Well, kind of. The idea for Love Guaranteed , the Mark Steven Johnson-directed film she produced and now stars in, came to Cook after hearing about a real-life 2016 lawsuit between Miami resident Joaquin Lorenzo and MillerCoors over a dispute about the company’s branding.

“I remembered hearing about this lawsuit years and years before about this group of people who sued Coors for not really brewing their beer in the Rocky Mountains, as their slogan claimed,” she said. “I’m obsessed with romantic comedies, so I thought, Imagine if one of these dating sites made the wildly irresponsible decision to guarantee that if you pay for their service, you too will find the love of your life ?” (The Colorado Supreme Court eventually ruled against […]

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