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Are the pressures placed on sexual assault victims too much? Local experts offer insight into daunting question Featured


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Last month, KVOE reported on the death of noted sexual assault survivor and victim advocate Daisy Coleman and how her passing had sparked additional conversations on the topic of support for sexual assault victims.

At that time, the question was “are we doing enough” to support those who suffered at the hands of others. Now, a month later, a new question has arisen, are possibly trying to do too much?

During KVOE’s Talk of Emporia Friday, local experts were asked the question is there too much pressure placed on victims of sexual assault to share their stories? While none of the experts definitively said yes or no, they did warn it is a possibility that cannot be ignored.

Beacon for Hope Suicide Prevention Executive Director Melissa Owen says it is not uncommon following the death of a noted advocate for individuals who supported or looked up to them feel a need to take up the mantle. PLG_CONTENT_HTML5AUDIO_NOT_SUPPORTED SOS Assistant Director of Crisis Services TinaRae Scott says it is important for people to speak up as it can provide some comfort or inspiration to others who are still coming to […]

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