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Campus survey focuses on understanding mental health to help students thrive


A recent survey was conducted on campus to understand mental health in BYU students. A report was written and submitted to BYU administration and this graphic was used for the title page. (Kiersten DeCook) Students and faculty in the BYU public health department conducted a survey on mental health on campus to improve student mental health and wellness as part of the ThrYve initiative.

In December of 2018, a tragic public suicide occurred on campus. Since then, many students, faculty and administration have sought change and improvement in student mental health. One group of students and faculty in the public health department joined a mental health coalition to better help students who struggle with mental illnesses.

The coalition morphed over the last two years to become what it is today: the ThrYve initiative. ThrYve is not a program or office on campus, but rather a commitment from BYU administration and faculty to help students thrive.

Associate Academic Vice President John Rosenberg said ThrYve is “an ethos, meaning a way of being with each other on campus. It promotes thriving of the institution and thriving of the individual.”

According to Rosenberg, the domains of thriving are based on research by Laurie Schreiner, a professor […]

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