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How Gen Zers are confronting feminine health and sexual wellness


Sexual wellness and feminine health have become dominating topics within the broader beauty and wellness industries , but Gen Z’s response to these products and its marketing is still undetermined.

According to Pew Research Center , there are approximately 67 million Gen Zers in the U.S., of which 35% are older than 18. As this group of consumers enters puberty and menstruation, and eventually experiences sexual activity, they engage with these products with a wildly different set of views and values compared to their millennial counterparts.

Rebecca Alvarez Story, founder of Bloomi, a sexual and intimate care online retailer, said she noticed that while Gen Zers are not a big customer group for her business, they make up a significant chunk of readers of the site’s blog. Gen Zers make up about 8% of Bloomi’s customer base and typically purchase menstrual products like period underwear and yoni eggs. Meanwhile, Gen Zers make up more than 25% of the blog’s readership, and that readership is 73% female and 27% male. The most popular stories read relate to menstrual cycles and more fringe sexual topics like anal sex. Bloomi’s monthly virtual workshops that began in April have seen an equal number of millennials […]

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