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Meet The Black Men Making Mental Health Less Taboo


Corey Lewis and Thomas Drew are the cofounders of 1And1 Life, a digital wellness and lifestyle … [+] Mental health has been a perpetual taboo in the Black community, despite the fact that Black adults are 20% more likely to experience serious mental health problems.

Millennials, however, are leading the charge to normalize these conversations, in part due to the heightened trauma resulting from racially motivated murders. Pervis Taylor, mental health advocate, author of Surthrival Mode and life coach, says this is a stark contrast to previous generations’ feelings about mental health.

“I definitely think mental health is more normalized within our community because many of us who are 40 or younger are more in the space of not continuing to suppress,” Taylor says. Pervis Taylor is a mental health advocate, life coach and the author of Surthrival Mode. Taylor also feels discussion around mental health in the Black community have improved with the help of celebrities such as Kanye West and DMX , athletes such as DeMarr DeRozan and Paul George, and public figures such as former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr ., who have opened up about suffering from mental health illnesses including Bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression.

But Black people […]

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