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The Fitbit Sense is indeed a health watch, for better or worse


Apple just launched the Apple Watch Series 6 , the first model with the ability to measure your blood oxygen level (Sp02), in addition to electrocardiogram (ECG) readings. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 can also take Sp02 readings , and an upcoming software update will add an ECG feature.

For its part, Fitbit recently announced a couple of new devices , one of which has more sensors and health-related features than any other Fitbit. The aptly named $329 Sense is available to preorder now, with deliveries starting by the end of the month .

We’ve been testing the Sense for just under a week, and there’s a lot more to it than just step counting. It looks like a smartwatch

The Sense looks a lot like the standard smartwatch or even the Versa series , but slightly bigger. It has a metal ring that surrounds the AMOLED display. The display is bright, colorful, and easy to view in low light situations or in direct sunlight.

The ring around the display serves a functional purpose and will be used to take ECG readings once the software update is released that enables them. It’s also used to help the watch measure your stress level […]

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