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Working Remote Leads To Mental Health Challenges: Here’s How To Cope


Cope with mental health issues when you work remote. Working from home has a lot of benefits. Who doesn’t love dressing in sweatpants every day, avoiding the commute and enjoying quality time with their dog? But working from home also has plenty of drawbacks—and some of those are related to a significant negative impact on mental health.

In April, a large study found 75% of people were experiencing social isolation and this was correlated with working from home . The more people worked from home, the more they felt socially isolated. Now, another just-released study is highlighting the same challenges, but with even greater reports of mental health challenges.

The just-released study by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence surveyed 12,000 people across 11 countries and found the following: 78% of the global workforce reported negative impacts to their mental health this year.

42% say their productivity has plummeted.

41% say they are challenged because there is less distinction between their work life and home life.

40% report an increase in poor decision making. 38% are experiencing more stress. 35% are experiencing a lack of work-life balance. 25% report burnout. 25% say they are depressed. 14% are feeling lonely. 88% say mental […]

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