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Your Guide to The 21 Best Fall Fruits and Vegetables With Major Health Benefits


Fall is finally here, and we’re excited to indulge in seasonal comfort food as the weather gets cooler and our bodies crave the tastes of the autumn harvest. Instead of enjoying a simple BBQ on the beach or fruit salad, we are now looking forward to cooking an abundance of orange and golden vegetables, hearty soups, as well as sipping fresh apple cider and baking pumpkin-flavored treats.

To make all these fall indulgences happen, first stock up on fresh vegetables and fruits from the farmer’s market or farm stand, produce section, or green market, since these autumn crops are in prime season and deliver a host of health benefits that will have your energy on high and your body’s immunity humming along. The Beet compiled this list of the healthiest fruits and vegetables to add to your list and eat right now, to make Autumn your best season yet. We highlighted the health benefits of each one, so you can feel even more motivated to put these foods in your basket. Then, check out The Beet’s library of healthy fall recipes to enjoy and create new memories that will make this season your absolute favorite. Here Are the 21 Best […]

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