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7 LGBTQ Sports Romance Books


There’s something about sports romance that easily makes it my favorite sub-genre. The stakes, the uniforms, the tropes—all of it just speaks to me. And luckily for me as a queer reader, there are plenty of sports romances with LGBTQ relationships.

If you like your sports romance books the way I do (that is, incredibly queer), you’re in the right place. With a mix of YA and adult romances included in this list, you’re sure to find a sports romance that will hit all of the right tropes for you. Eric Bittle thought he was confident enough on the ice as a figure skater. But when he joins Samwell University’s hockey team, he feels so out of his depth. Hockey is so much more aggressive—and, to Bitty, dangerous—than ice skating, and he doesn’t know whether he “fits” as a gay man on the team.

Will he be able to keep up with his teammates—and avoid falling for the team captain?

After a painful divorce, Tina Durham finds new friends and an outlet for her emotions in roller derby. But the romantic tension between herself and her coach—Joanne “Joe Mama” Delario—is hard to ignore. When their relationship off the skating rink turns into […]

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