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Chicago’s LGBTQ neighborhood will no longer be known as Boystown


Crowds chant during the Pride Without Prejudice march in Boystown on June 28, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois. The Northalsted Business Alliance has decided that the famous North Side neighborhood, known for its vibrant nightlife, LGBTQ-owned businesses, rainbow-colored windows — and for hosting Chicago’s pride parade and festivals — should now be referred to by its “geographic location (Northalsted) and use the slogan ‘Chicago’s Proudest Neighborhood.'”

Nearly 8,000 respondents participated in the survey, which was organized by the business alliance. “While an overall majority neither were offended by the name nor want it changed, those identifying as Lesbian, Transgender, non-binary and queer largely do favor a name change,” the group said in a statement.

In name of a more diverse and welcoming neighborhood for all members or the LGBTQ community, “the chamber will discontinue using the name Boystown in marketing and revert to the long-standing name Northalsted.”

“While the Northalsted chamber has used the name ‘Boystown’ in recent marketing campaigns, it does not have any claim nor rights to the name, which has been in popular use by the public since the 1980s,” the statement read.

According to the Chicago Tribune , the Northalsted Business Alliance began the survey in the wake of an […]

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