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Latinx, LGBTQ and HIV positive people: A triple discrimination that nobody talks about


“Images are not intended to imply that the models pictured have HIV.” Photo: ViiV Healthcare. Journalists love statistics. We can say: More than 195,000 Hispanic/Latino men in the United States and Puerto Rico face AIDS and the stigma it carries daily. That 80% of new diagnoses among Hispanics are from gay and bisexual men or that in one out of three cases they did not receive viral suppression and in one out of five cases they were diagnosed late – according to 2018 data.

But the figures are not enough to understand the magnitude of a very serious national public health problem that is looming over the LGBTI Latinx collective in the United States at the height of the health crisis, when HIV diagnoses seem to have reduced or stagnated and another much more modern pandemic, COVID , is on the agenda of the media and politicians.

Pioneering research by ViiV Healthcare and Action for Latinx Men has put its finger on the wound to find solutions. In collaboration with the Latino Commission on AIDS (LCOA) and with advice from HIV experts, they interviewed 760 gay, bisexual and transgendered men in eleven cities across the country in a global exercise of […]

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