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LGBTQ Mental Health and Suicide: How Can We Save the Next Generation?


According to Dr. Caitlin Ryan, Director of the Family Acceptance Project, when it comes to the kinds of challenges LGBTQ youth have faced over the decades, not much has changed:

“It’s almost as if we have been repeating the same data collection and we haven’t had the impact that we needed to have.”

The Family Acceptance Project (FAP) believes families are the most important resource to reduce risk and promote well-being for their LGBTQ children.

Historically, families were seen as an adversary or even as an “enemy.”

Unlike other children and adolescents, LGBTQ youth were served alone and not in the context of their families, says Dr. Ryan.

For many years the narratives around coming out were about rejection.

“Many of us come from families where we struggled, we were wounded, our feelings about our families are very complex, those issues got carried over into services for LGBTQ youth and into the lack of services to help diverse families […]

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