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Stonewall Boss Sets New Priorities For LGBTQ Charity: Intersex, GRA, Conversion Therapy


Stonewall’s new boss Nancy Kelley has set out a new vision for the U.K.’s biggest LGBTQ charity, with priorities to work on conversion therapy, trans healthcare, and for the first time, advocating for intersex people.

Often seen as a monolith inside and outside of the community, Stonewall’s new boss is keen to reaffirm the position of the charity as a human rights organisation.

One that amplifies, rather than speaking for communities, by engaging them in a way that they’ve been failing to do–admitting to me, “we can do better.”

Speaking after two months in the role, Kelley explained that she has a lot to thank Stonewall for. The Civil Partnerships act made it possible for her wife to migrate over from America, their family and children, possible thanks to hard-fought adoption rights. Both which Stonewall lead both public, and private lobbying campaigns for.

But Kelley starts our chat by focusing on how she is all too aware, that despite her great gratitude to the charity, it’s time for a shift. It has provided to the most privileged in the LGBTQ community, and now the time has come to focus on LGBTQ people that are disabled, people of colour, live in poverty or are […]

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