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5 tips for sex and dating in the time of COVID-19


Don’t forget to wear a … mask

In the summer, Victoria is usually a place alive with festivals, large beach get-togethers, and wild nights on the town as the student population returns for the coming fall term. Instead, a time normally used to meet new people has been replaced by Zoom calls, unflattering face masks, and social lives restricted to six close friends. This is not the greatest environment for the single student population.

The pursuit of pleasure and intimacy in the time of COVID-19 feels like, well, navigating through a possibly infectious population without a mask on (no metaphor needed).

With opportunities for meet-cutes drastically lowered and constant thoughts of ‘are they worth risking it for?’ whirling through your head, what are the best ways to stay safe while still satisfying your needs during the pandemic?

Below are a few tips for sex and dating during COVID-19 that may make your search for a boo safer for you. 1. Try online dating, and new apps like Levity

Getting to meet new people is not an easy feat when you need to keep six feet apart. Speaking loudly to the cute customer two metres behind you in the grocery store line […]

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