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Dating in college can be dicey


Photo courtesy Doesn’t dating in college sound amazing? Studying, going out and maneuvering around campus with your loved one.

Well, guess again. Dating in college adds many struggles that couples in the adult world do not have to go through. According to a 2011 survey, 28% of graduates met their spouses in college, so it is always worth a shot.

“That’s nearly one-in-three,” says Meg Leigh, a journalist for the Pew Research Center.

Living in the world of social media and technology, it is easy to connect with people as well as keep tabs on people. One thing that most couples have to overcome is trying to figure out when the right time to go public is. It’s just Instagram, what is the big deal? For college kids, the answer is everything.

It is best to establish a strong connection before letting the world of social media know about your relationship because it opens the door for many problems. In a blink of an eye, former lovers, jealous people, and home wreckers will all be aware of the current relationship status and will have the option of whether or not to interfere.

In college you are surrounded by people in their late teens […]

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