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Dear Annie: After nearly 3 years of dating, I don’t feel like he loves me like I love him


Annie Lane writes the Dear Annie advice column. Dear Annie: I am dating this guy who’s married but separated. We’ve been doing this almost three years. I am just not feeling the love from him. Will he ever love me like I need to be loved? — Waiting on Him

Dear Waiting: If you’ve been waiting three years, you’ll be waiting 300. I wouldn’t count on this man divorcing his wife anytime soon.

Ending things with him will be hard, but it will be worth it. Take some time on your own to regroup afterward. Then get back out there to give yourself the chance to find someone with whom you can share a mutually loving, fulfilling relationship that you are both all-in on.

Dear Annie: Earlier this year, you published my letter inviting readers to submit their quarantine stories to a project that I founded, Keys to Coping. We are collecting and sharing stories from real people of all ages who show courage, resiliency, humor, and compassion in this difficult time. Here is a sample to share with your readers.

“What are my keys to coping? Recognizing that life has always been full of unknowns and embracing each day.” — […]

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