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If Your Roommate Is Making Dating Impossible During The Pandemic, Here’s What To Do



Let’s be real: Dating with roommates has always required some discretion, like keeping the volume down during a hookup when you know they’re home, being careful about not monopolizing common spaces, and being considerate when it comes to bringing a guest over on a work night. Thanks to the coronavirus, though, you’ve got a whole slew of other issues to take into account. If your roommate is making dating impossible during the pandemic , don’t fret: experts say it’s totally possible to keep everyone comfortable without compromising your love life completely.

Living with a roommate during the pandemic means that both of your decisions and actions affect the other — and when your health and safety are involved, that’s obviously not something to take lightly. Maybe your roomie is insisting that you can’t bring people back to your apartment, or maybe they aren’t OK with you going on dates with randos you met online. Either way, as frustrating as it may be that their feelings are hindering your search for a quarantine boo , it’s important to first acknowledge that their feelings are valid.

“These are crazy uncertain times,” says psychotherapist Aimee Hartstein , LCSW. “I actually think it’s fair […]

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