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Meetsy: An App Developed By Two College Students Changing The Future Of Social Networking Amid COVID-19


As sophomores at USC and UC Berkeley, Daniel Hanasab and Sean Toobi have developed an app called Meetsy that is changing the way we initiate face-to-face conversations amid the global pandemic lockdown.

In just a couple of months, Daniel and Sean have taken the start-up world by storm with tons of venture capital attention because of their impressive team and innovative approach.

The beta-tester waitlist continues to increase as buzz around Meetsy grows.

Meetsy is now an incubated company through the University of Southern California’s affiliated Troy Labs, with many venture-backed start-up founders as mentors.

Meetsy Mission

In today’s world, many times we find ourselves in a room with everyone glued to their screens. It’s a comfortable escape from everything surrounding us, but it also deprives us of many potential adventures and opportunities.

Our phones are such powerful and useful tools, but they have sadly come at the expense of the social opportunities and impromptu conversations that are so valuable.

“We thought if we can’t take phones away to bring back these cherished face-to-face conversations, why don’t we leverage our phones as a tool to foster genuine relationships?” (Daniel […]

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