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Online dating significantly speeds up relationships compared to real-life romance, new study shows


Virtual dates soared by 36 per cent during lockdown(iStock) Digital daters can tell if they have a connection with someone after just 30 seconds of a video call, a new poll has shown.

Virtual dates soared by 36 per cent during lockdown – with six in 10 single people admitting they enjoy the “new dating normal”.

One in four will continue to keep up virtual dating even after lockdown fully ends, to screen out non-starters in the search for romance.

The study, commissioned by Virgin Media, also found that in addition to first impressions, virtual dating speeds up relationships on several accounts.

Dating from a desktop takes an average of 60 minutes, compared to 86 minutes in person.

It’s cheaper too, saving single people £18 per date, with the removal of time and cost barriers giving daters more for their money.Relationship expert Alix Fox, who has teamed up with Virgin to create a how-to guide for online dating, said: “The idea that the average digital dater has just 30 seconds to make a great, but speedy, first impression online might seem intimidating to many.“Successfully navigating this brave new digital world takes a little extra effort and imagination, but those are qualities that are prized […]

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