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The 2020 Informed & Eligible Report


Almost every month in 2020 has given us a reason to stay glued to our TV screens, and it’s not for season recaps of The Bachelor or college football re-runs.

As we all seek to understand the latest headlines – the coronavirus pandemic, the upcoming election, a fluctuating stock market, foreign interference with our elections, social unrest, big tech monopolies (we can go on) – life in socially distanced America is different now, and our understanding of this America is becoming a defining factor in one unlikely but key aspect of our lives: romance.

No longer does a first date include drinks at a nearby restaurant; instead it’s a “get to know each other” Zoom call not that far off in awkwardness from a middle school dance.

Dating is different now, and the way singles measure potential suitorsis different too. In these times of uncertainty, people want answers.

As consumers increasingly turn to the news to understand the world around them we wanted to find out how being more informed about current events is affecting the chance to find love in 2020.

What we found is that people actively want their prospective partners to be knowledgeable about current events […]

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