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ISU Scholar: DACA, LGBTQ Rulings a ‘Surprise,’ Likely Not A Trend


 A Supreme Court scholar at Illinois State University said the two rulings this week in support of LGBTQ rights and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA ) may show how justices can sometimes be swayed by popular opinion.

ISU associate professor Meghan Leonard said she believes the U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative leanings will be revealed again during upcoming rulings. Associate professor Meghan Leonard said while the two decisions were surprising, it appears the court broke from its conservative leanings perhaps because the public largely supports gay and immigrant rights.

“They are made up of justices that are part of society and in many ways they are connections between public opinion and legal outcomes,” Leonard said.

But she expects the court will revert back to its more conservative leanings when it rules on pending cases involving abortion and presidential power.

“I don’t see more surprises to come,” she said. “I see more conservative decisions backed up by the five conservative justices, including Chief Justice (John) Roberts.”

Roberts cast the deciding vote in the DACA ruling, indicating the Trump administration […]

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