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360: What does the future of travel look like?


DENVER — We all enjoy our vacations — it’s a chance to get away and explore places we wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to see. But COVID-19 has either put a damper on those travel plans or drastically changed how we get there.

If you have flown, you’ve seen what the airlines are doing to make passengers feel comfortable, like mask requirements, modified food service, altered seating, and change fee eliminations to name a few. But how long will these changes fly?

“We’re going to continue to do this as long as needed, because until there is a vaccine and widespread use of that vaccine through the entire population, this will be a way of life for us,” United Denver VP of Operations Matt Miller said.

Denver International Airport CEO Kim Day said planes and airports have never been as clean or safe as they are these days.

But flight numbers are down significantly and airports are relatively empty compared to years prior.

“We’re down to about 40%, so we’re seeing a steady growth come back up,” Day said. “We are seeing growth faster than the rest of the airports in the United States, so we’re very pleased to see that happen.”A year from […]

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