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Adapting Adventure Travel For A Changing World


An ongoing pandemic and geotag-fueled over tourism are sparking innovation from today’s immersive travel guides. Tristan Hamm films a rock climbing ascent on a trip for his adventure company, Revived Outdoors. Tristan Hamm sat on the coast of Oregon around a pulsing, orange campfire. The rhythmic sounds of DJ Samuel Lawrence danced through the background as a haze from West Coast wildfires enveloped Hamm’s small crew of adventurers and Lawrence’s makeshift DJ booth. Together, Hamm’s group had trekked from Los Angeles to Oregon just as the summer’s fire season descended in earnest. With no way out but to skirt around the blaze, the team was making the best of things.

Lawrence, a local artist and Oregon sensation, was happy to oblige.

“As an adventure company, you have to expect everything to go wrong,” says Hamm. “That’s the definition of adventure. Shit is always going wrong. If something doesn’t go wrong, then I don’t think it’s an adventure at all.”

A rock climber and former foreman for Canadian oil pipelines, Hamm has spent the last half of the decade manning the helm of an ever-expanding adventure company, Revived Outdoors . When COVID-19 hit, Hamm’s living pipe dream was placed in jeopardy. But like […]

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