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Best Caribbean Travel Destinations That Won’t Break The Bank


Planning a vacation is never easy. There are a lot of parameters to take notice of. Starting from hotels, flights, and work schedule, however, we may try something or the other seems to pop up.

And the struggle is not over yet. When everything seems perfect and you are all set to zero in on the location, budget crisis may create unnecessary tension.

So here in this blog, we will decode some of the Caribbean destinations that are not only upscale but also can be explored without breaking the bank.

> Curacao

If you are a beach lover then Curacao is apt for your vacation. The gorgeous locale is blessed with impressive flora and fauna which surely adds on to its beauty.

Packed with a unique colonial charm that dates back to the Dutch and Jewish heritage, the place will be enlightening for history buffs. Stick to activities like relaxing on the Playa Lagun and Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge for a more budget-friendly trip.

Other than that Curacao is also praised for the protected coral reefs which put forth a magnificent show for onlookers. Travelers can also vouch for scuba diving activity to get a glimpse of the oceanic […]

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