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Data – the old answer to new questions in travel


When travelers are faced with risk, they and their travel managers need answers – fast and reliable answers.

On constant alert, travel managers rely on intelligence and insights to locate and get help for travelers when an event takes place.

Duty of care for employees on the road has long been a corporate priority. But the need to sharpen processes has never been more acute. Fortunately, travel management companies (TMCs) have a vast array of data and are ideally positioned to help companies navigate the complexity of this new era.

To locate a traveler, we access travel itineraries, and can either call or send direct messages to their phones. But in more challenging times, that may not be enough. Recently, a client needed to reach a traveler in the vicinity of a terrorist attack.

To get a more precise location, we were authorized to use credit card data to find out where the traveler made their last purchase.

We know things will be different from now on. For each trip, questions about health risks are multiplying. How will travel managers adapt? Data’s vital role History proves that having a robust data set and easy-to-use applications are critical to establishing confidence in the face of […]

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