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Is it time to travel? It all depends on your comfort level


It’s no secret I am a planner. I don’t need a routine day to day and I love to go with the flow, but I crave having things to look forward to.

When my youngest was born, I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home from work. While I do miss the purpose and accomplishment of working, it has been so amazing to be able to travel, have flexibility, spend the summers with my kids and pick them up from school each day. It’s been 100% worth it for our family.

Enter COVID-19. Plans went out the window, we’ve canceled multiple trips and my kids have yet to go to the grocery store, let alone get on an airplane. They are antsy to go somewhere and so am I. It’s taking a toll on the mental health of everyone in my family having to miss out on something that was such a huge part of our life. Pre-pandemic, we would save up and travel every few weeks to different places. It was always important to my me and my husband to instill in our kids at a young age a love of traveling and new things. Jaime Wyant is […]

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