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Is Travel Dead? New Research Shows Green Shoots Appearing


In most of the world, the travel industry has been one of the worst-hit during the coronavirus pandemic. The airlines have faced a never-ending battle to survive from closed borders and passengers’ fears of catching the virus to travel shaming for those who dare to fly. However, tourism is crucial to the world’s economy. The World Travel and Tourism Council’s 2019 economic report showed that travel and tourism accounted for US$8.9 Trillion, which is 10.3% of the world’s GDP. Around 1 in 10 jobs are related to travel and tourism.

A new report commissioned by Skyscanner, the online travel search site, has looked at the travel situation throughout the pandemic. Initially, there was a great demand for one way travel. This was driven by those trying to get back to their home country. Sometimes passengers had originally booked a return flight only to be abandoned by their airline. Others had been working or living abroad but wanted to return to their home country. The demand for one-way flights has abated slightly, although it remains higher than average. This is mainly driven by travelers from Australia, South Korea, and Italy.

There has also been a demand for one-way flights for UK-based travelers […]

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