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Italy Travel Open To Most, Tests For Europe Red Zones: What To Know


TOPSHOT – Gondoliers go with customers for a gondola ride on a canal in Venice on June 12, 2020 as … [+] Nearly all travelers are now able to visit Italy, with tests and other requirements. High among them is that high-risk tourists come via 14 days in a safe corridor country . Either in the EU or elsewhere.

Italy has introduced a new travel tool to test your eligibility to enter the country for tourism or any other purposes.

The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs “ Viaggi Sicuri ” (Safe Trips) survey shows that Americans and others can visit Italy, after a fortnight in a long list of countries.

You can not enter Italy direct from high-risk “E” or “F” list countries as a tourist. But any traveler from the U.S. and Brazil to China can enter after 14 days in an A, B or D list country. Though not without restrictions. Tourists wearing protective masks on Via del Corso in Rome. As Covid numbers creep up again in … [+] List A/List B countries include most of the EU and Schengen zone plus territories like Vatican City. Arrivals from some of Europe’s Covid “red zones” in France and Croatia for […]

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