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On the Road: Careful planning, sticking to travel guidelines can help you take advantage of huge discounts


Special to The Stockton Record Months ago, as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded and worldwide deaths mounted, we realized that our planned timeshare trips to Maui and Newport Beach were not well-timed, so we joined and deposited our weeks in Interval International. As both our cabin fever mounted and California was enveloped by the catastrophic wildfires, Interval International’s hundreds of “last-minute getaways” for greatly discounted prices struck us a nice escape.

So, we took a look at Colorado, with the idea of both eyeing future skiing destinations and more of the state’s grand scenery, and found a week’s stay at Grand Colorado Resort at Peak 8, Breckenridge, for well less than $400 for the week. We added a week following, at Snowbird Resort in Utah at similar huge discount, and prepared to travel in the pandemic age.

Our first stop was to check the Centers for Disease Control’s travel guidelines, which are very detailed. One of their recommendations includes checking with state, county and city pandemic requirements, and for Colorado, it was quickly apparent that all these governments took COVID-19 seriously.

Following those recommendations for food and drink, we packed enough soft drinks and water for the better part of two weeks, and […]

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