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Ready to travel? These are the trends for summer 2021


Although winter is approaching, Americans are already beginning to book trips for warmer, sunnier months.

While many travelers opted to remain close to home amid the coronavirus pandemic this year, they’re seeking international destinations for 2021, according to U.K.-based travel company Skyscanner.

Among the top 10 most-searched destinations, six are outside of the United States, the metasearch and travel agency recently announced. Its research also shows search volumes are steadily increasing — including a 25% increase last month.

“2021 looks like it’s going to be a bumper year for travel, with so many Americans desperate to get out and explore the world again. Some are reorganizing a ‘missed’ trip, some are using unspent funds and vacation days to upgrade to bucket-list getaways, and some are embracing Americana, using internal flights to discover a variety of hidden gems on U.S. soil. What we can see from our data is growing search and booking numbers, and more even split between domestic and international destinations in July and August 2021,” said Mark Crossey, US Traveler Expert at Skyscanner in a statement.

“US. vacationers are obviously keen to enjoy their best-loved international hotspots, with traditional favorites London and Paris taking the top and third spots in the […]

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