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The summer of canceled plans: How 14 pro travelers spent the season


(Courtesy of Breanna Wilson) For many, summer 2020 was a season of canceled plans. While the pandemic destroyed lives, it also disrupted countless others in less severe but still painful ways.

“I just can’t stop thinking of all the dreams and all the creative adventures that have been put on hold or are upended by this,” Rick Steves told us earlier this summer . “Whether it’s people’s graduations or weddings or once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to do their thing, it’s kind of heartbreaking.”

For people who travel for a living, the pandemic has been jarring. Some skipped travel altogether, like Helena Rizzo, a chef who runs Maní in Sao Paulo, which was named one of the best restaurants in the world in 2014. Instead of traveling extensively for projects like Netflix’s “The Final Table,” which she judged last year, this summer she stayed home.

Others began to venture out once lockdowns lifted, navigating travel under new restrictions. Writer Jake Emen had already ended his lease in San Diego so he could live out of a suitcase full-time when coronavirus hit the United States. After months of staying with family in Arizona, Emen set off on a road trip alone.

We asked avid travelers, many of […]

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